Why choose Algarve, Portugal?

Medical procedures and surgeries in Portugal are much better economically priced when compared to identical services offered in other Western countries.

Portugal is also one of the most affordable countries in all of Europe in terms of everyday life (travel, accommodation, food, etc.).

World-leading health care, and recover in the sun!

In recent years, especially in the Algarve, private hospitals have developed extensively, and to a very high standard. The private hospital network has grown fast to meet this demand.

The hospitals are modern, high-tech, and equipped with the very latest in medical technology. Portuguese doctors and surgeons are highly trained, extremely skilled, and sought after.

The Algarve is a destination appreciated by all thanks to the quality of its beautiful beaches, clear water, sunshine and year-round pleasant temperatures, healthy Portuguese cuisine, and unique sightseeing experiences.  

This is also true for those who choose to take advantage of the healthcare services offered and come here to undergo their surgery or procedure and to convalesce. 

This means you can combine all your health and medical needs with a tourism experience in one of the safest countries in the world! (Ranked 4th safest Country)

Rest and recover in attractive and peaceful surroundings, with the sun that shines all year round and contributes to your recovery.

Become a medical tourist and take advantage of recuperating in beautiful Algarve, find out how.

We seek to help put Portugal on the list of top medical service tourism providers in the world!

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  • Health Tourism
  • Local Destination Knowledge
  • Safe Affordable Procedures

Bringing a Companion with? Since you would ideally want to be accompanied by a friend or relative while you recover, the Algarve offers many different attractions to keep them busy in a magnificent scenario that combines beach, countryside, and city. 

Traveling to Portugal

Average estimated travel time in hours

  • London – 3
  • New York – 7
  • Los Angeles – 12.5
  • Miami – 8.5
  • Toronto – 7
  • Paraguay – 13
  • Bolivia – 10
  • Venezuela – 8
  • Dubai – 8
  • Riyadh – 10
  • Kuwait – 17

Entry and exit requirements to Portugal

Portugal is a party to the Schengen Agreement. As such, for business or tourism you are allowed to stay in the Schengen area for 90 days without a visa within a six-month period. The passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay.

Visas are not required for EU citizens and selected countries. Please visit: https://vistos.mne.gov.pt/en/short-stay-visas-schengen/required-documentation/short-stay-visa

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Why Medical Tourists Choose Us?

We are the bridge connecting patients with doctors.
Facilitating the medical journey from beginning to end.

Savings can be from 30-90%, depending upon the procedure and compared to what it would cost in your home country.

The risk is very low due to the highest accreditation of Hospital standards and Health Care Providers.

All our packages are customised to fit the needs, medical requirements and budgets of each client.  Some clients would prefer to manage their reservations for accommodation and tourist attractions themselves, and we have clients who prefer to have an all inclusive package (highly recommended) facilitated by us including the medical procedure as well as accommodation, tourist and restaurant excursions.