Reasons to choose TLC

Reasons why you should choose TLC Medical Tourism Facilitators

10 Reasons why using TLC Medical Tourism Facilitators will bring you joy and ease

When searching for elective procedures, a quick internet search for surgeons in Portugal will reveal an extensive selection of clinics. Who to choose would be a ‘minefield’ for anyone. Helping patients navigate the medical travel process makes the entire experience stress free and more pleasant.

  • Provide all the services a medical tourist needs from A to Z.
  • Minimize patient risk by vetting providers
  • Facilitators are a single point of contact for the patient 
  • Coordination of trip and other arrangements 
  • Destination knowledge 
  • Cost savings due to negotiated rates 
  • Aftercare and recovery follow-up
  • Reduce language barriers in communication 
  • Familiarity with destination 

Safe Transfer of medical records to an overseas doctor