Reduce stress and boost healing prior to surgery

Relaxation and healing

Endorphins are known to be our body’s natural pain killer so they also help us to cope better with pain. And as studies show, being physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared for surgery through relaxation may also help prevent many complications that can delay healing.

When you’re anxious and your stress level is way up, your body releases a hormone called cortisol that can alter white blood cell function, compromise your immune system and create a more open environment to infection. In preparing for surgery, you want to be in an optimal level of wellness so that you prevent any complications.

Relaxation works to support your body’s ability to mend, to decrease complications and to shorten the recovery period and is maximised when combined with healthy nutrition. 

Take a Health and Wellness break prior to your surgery in 5-star accommodation with all the boutique hotel facilities for adult leisure guests as well as a wide selection of programmes including relaxation, beauty, fitness, spa or detox to anti-stress and holistic re-balancing.

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