Women’s Healthcare

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Women’s Healthcare

A comprehensive service that deals with all the needs involved in a woman’s life cycle, from adolescence to menopause, including extensive monitoring during pregnancy and childbirth.

Medical care is provided by a specialized, differentiated, and experienced team of professionals, who keep themselves continuously updated in order to provide their patients with the best and safest care possible. Continuous training, in the area of an obstetric emergency, is fundamental and is this team’s main reference. 

Contributing to this is that since September 2018 the Maternity Unit of the Gambelas Hospital has gained international patient safety accreditation from the Joint Commission International.

Gynecology Consultations

  • Family Planning Consultation- Preconception Consultation-  Pre and Post-Menopausal Consultation
  • Examinations: Colposcopy with Cervical Biopsy; Endometrial Biopsy; Cervical-Vaginal Cytology; IUD
  • Placement and Contraceptive implant; Gynaecological Ultrasound.
  • Gynaecologic Oncology and Senology Consultations (Pathology of the Breast)


Nursing Consultation In Maternal Health

A team of medical Specialists in Maternal Health and Obstetrics, trained in natural birth, water birth, and breastfeeding. All pregnant women are previously observed by one of the nurses, specialists in Materna/ Health and 0bstetrics, where various exams are carried out, the pregnancy is monitored, blood is gathered for analysis, and information is provided on the various therapy sessions available for pregnant women according to gestational age.

It is during this consultation that the Childbirth Plan and the Breastfeeding Plan are discussed, as well as information on the Maternity Unit Visiting Times.


Obstetrics Consultations

Consultations for the monitoring of low and high-risk pregnancies. A number of varied consultations for full-term pregnancy monitoring, including all screening tests are also available; analysis, and ultrasounds are necessary for both mother and baby for a successful pregnancy and delivery.

Pre-natal Diagnostic Consultation- Multiple Pregnancy Consultation- Endocrine Pathology Consultation in Pregnancy Gestational Diabetes Consultation, Hypertensive Disease Consultation in Pregnancy- Fetal Wellness Consultation (at 35 weeks) Consultation of Maternal-Fetal Medicine-   Puerperium Consultation (includes the option “Mommy Makeover”).

Exams: Screening for Chromosomal Diseases (including Fetal DNA); Preterm Labour; Premature Rupture of Membrane; Rapid Test Streptococcus B; Amniocentesis; Fetal Biophysical Prophile; 2D/3D Obstetric Ultrasound; Cartiotocography; Fetal Echocardiogram


Oncology consultation on therapeutic decision

Exams and treatment: Breast Biopsy; Breast Ultrasound; Oncoplastic Surgery; Intra-operative Radiotherapy (single treatment).

Average cost of procedure in Portugal

  • Hysteroscopy5,900 €
  • Dilation and Curettage (D&C)1,900 €
  • Hysterectomy5,900 - 8,600 €
  • Gynecology Consultationsnew prices coming soon
  • Nursing Consultation in Maternal Healthnew prices coming soon
  • Obstetrics Consultationsnew prices coming soon
  • Oncology consultation on therapeutic decisionnew prices coming soon
  • Maternitynew prices coming soon