Replacement of Breast Prostheses

Replacement of Breast Prostheses

The replacement of prostheses is an unavoidable reality, as all women who undergo breast augmentation will sooner or later have to undergo a new surgery. The breast implant, the object itself, can last for decades, but that does not invalidate the need to renew the result.


There are 3 main reasons for having a new surgery:

  • Capsule contracture – excessive body reaction to the foreign body
  • Breast sagging (with progressive aging)
  • Prosthesis rupture


Prosthesis replacement surgeries vary according to the reason for the new surgery. In some cases of skin aging, getting thinner, and with visualization of irregularities of the prosthesis (Rippling), we put fat around it, to improve the contour.

Usually, these surgeries are performed without the need for hospitalization, however, the use of drains is more likely.

In the replacement of prostheses, the new type of prostheses B-Lite is especially indicated, which represents a new generation of prostheses with studies that prove advantages over other types of prostheses that are especially suitable for people with more aged tissues.

  • 30% lighter prostheses that will cause less weight on the tissues and consequently less breast ptosis or sagging of the breasts over time
  • Brand studies prove a less painful recovery
  • The material of prostheses is composed of a more transparent material, which has clear advantages in imaging observation in the detection of possible tumors

The first implantation of B-Lite prostheses, in Portugal, was performed in January 2019 by Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes.



Replacement of breast prosthesis is a surgical procedure lasting 2.5 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. It is a 1-day inpatient procedure 



15-day post-surgery recovery period.

 Final results are obtained after 1 month. 


The following restrictions should be considered after breast prosthesis replacement: 

3 to 4 weeks of restricted physical activity

7 to 12 days of no air travel

7 to 15 days of no driving

2 weeks of no sexual activity 

2 to 4 weeks of no sun exposure

Average cost of Procedure in Portugal

  • Replacement of Breast ProsthesesUpon request