Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Some of the most common body areas or dysfunctions covered by Reconstructive Plastic Surgery are:


Breast reconstruction

This area of ​​Reconstructive Plastic Surgery has become in recent years an almost routine option in the treatment of women with breast cancer.

The fundamental objective is to restore the original shape of one or both breasts, as well as their appearance and symmetry, after mastectomy or lumpectomy (removal of only part of the breast).  

Breast reconstruction surgery in these circumstances can be performed immediately or in a second surgical procedure, a decision that almost always depends on the preference of each woman.

The reconstruction can be performed by an autologous method (only with the patient’s own tissues) or by a heterologous or mixed method (which uses synthetic material, breast implants)

Subsequently, the patient will undergo a new surgery for reconstruction of the areola and nipple.


Sequelae of Burns

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery plays a decisive role in all stages and evolution of burn sequelae. In this way, it provides essential techniques for the evolution of this condition, such as debridement of devitalized areas and coverage with skin grafts and reconstruction of sequelae, as in the case of hypertrophic scars, bands or keloids.


Skin Tumors

The approach to this type of lesions implies not only their removal, but later the specialized reconstruction of the affected areas using different techniques.

Average cost of Procedure in Portugal

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  • Sequelae of Burnsnew prices coming soon
  • Skin Tumorsnew prices coming soon