Male Aesthetics

Male Aesthetics

Male Aesthetics

Why aesthetic medicine for males?

Although more slowly, men age just like women! And the “modern” man likes to look neat, masculine, and look younger. A well-groomed body and face are an asset in today’s world, they increase self-esteem and tend to make a man feel more confident and “attractive”.

The taboos and mistrust that existed in the past are quickly disappearing, giving way to greater knowledge and dissemination of what can be done in the field of aesthetic medicine on the face of a man.

Knowledge of anatomy and the particularities of aging in the male face has evolved a lot, so our approach to the face of men is different from that of women.


How does a man’s face differ from a woman’s?

In the male face, the eyebrow is straight, the eyelid is low, the frontal area is flat and strong, the chin is prominent, the jaw is marked, the lip is thinner and delicate and the face is more rectangular.

The musculature of the face is strong and expression lines on the forehead, eyes, and between the eyebrows appear early, but, on the other hand, a beard means that there is little tendency for sagging and the formation of wrinkles on the lips.


What are the most used techniques?

A broad joint reflection on the expectations of each one and on the objectives and scope of the techniques is important. For example, the existence of some wrinkles in a man expresses the charm, the lips and cheekbones do not need enlargement but the chin and jawline have to be strengthened.

Minimally invasive treatments that provide quick and natural results are the ones used most to rejuvenate the male face. The facial hyalostructure for the global harmonization of the face, the threads for the sagging of the lower part of the face and neck and skin nutrition with vitamins and some medium peelings to improve the quality of the skin are the techniques we use the most.

We use all these tools, always keeping in mind the preventive dimension of aging, and the good results that can be achieved by delaying aging by using individualized strategies are incredible.