Lipostaminal Facial Rejuvenation

Lipostaminal Facial Rejuvenation

Lipostaminal Facial Rejuvenation

Lipostaminal Rejuvenation is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that aims to improve the patient’s facial appearance, using state-of-the-art techniques that combine with the regenerative power of stem cells, allowing small or scarless scars and a quick recovery. Lipoestaminal® Rejuvenation goes against the prejudice that most people have when they assume that plastic surgery procedures have a complicated, long, and scarred recovery.

This procedure is personalized and presents several options that can be combined according to the patient’s needs dictated by the medical evaluation. The procedure can encompass all of these procedures:

  • Beautyfill by Alma Lasers – fat harvesting with high levels of viability
  • Centrifugation – fat purification
  • Lipofilling – placing fat in atrophied areas
  • Nanofat – introduction of stem cells into the skin
  • Lasers – Improvement or correction of the skin surface


Thus, we present the following types of Facial Rejuvenation:

Type 1

  • Local anesthesia in the clinic.
  • Facial lipofilling with fat purified by Beautifill and centrifugation, the objective being facial volumization
  • Nanofat with the placement of a liposuction-derived product mixed with PRP – high concentration of stem cells and aims to increase skin quality
  • Peeling vs Erbium 2940 (Harmony XP Pro from Alma Lasers)


Type 2

  • Local anesthesia in the clinic
  • Same as Type 1
  • Bichectomy (Cheek thinning surgery)
  • neck lipo
  • upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery)
  • Browlift either by GBL (Glinding brow lift), or direct Browlift


Type 3

  • block sedation
  • Same as Type 2
  • Endoscopic frontal or face lifting
  • Neck lift (Submental scar only)
  • lower blepharoplasty (under eye bag surgery)


Equipment used in these procedures:

Beautifill (Lipolaser) by Alma Lasers



Triplex Centrifuge – Cynosure Laser


Facial Endoscope

Being a highly personalized procedure, it is not possible to indicate the common duration and recovery times, as it will vary according to the Type of Lipostaminal Rejuvenation chosen. Thus, values ​​for Type 1 will be indicated in the process.



Lipoestaminal Rejuvenation is a set of procedures that varies according to what is performed. Thus, you can count on Type 1 Rejuvenation which lasts from 3.5 to 6 hours and is performed under local anesthesia with sedation. 

Hospital stay

It is a 1-day in-patient Hospital procedure 


Recovery time

12-day post-surgical discharge period.

 Final results are obtained after 3 months. 



The following restrictions should be considered after the facelift: 

2 to 4 weeks of restricted physical activity

4 to 7 days of no air travel or driving 

1 month of no sun exposure

Average cost of Procedure in Portugal

  • Lipostaminal Facial RejuvenationUpon request