Our Hospital Network partner and IVI Clinics, world reference in infertility and assisted reproduction, have established a partnership designed to provide infertility treatment in Algarve, Portugal.

Infertility Consultations

How it works

During the first consultation, the Fertility Specialist will begin a process of reviewing the complete medical history of the couple, their reproductive history, including all previous treatments they have had or are currently doing. 

It is essential that the couple come to the fertility consultation together as the initial assessment will be for both of mom and dad to be.

At this point, the specialist may request additional tests which might be considered crucial and necessary in reaching a diagnosis.

The couple will be given thorough explanations/guidelines and if the doctor has all the necessary information then a treatment plan is discussed with the couple. 

If more information is required then additional tests might be requested.

Following the first consultation, all further planning and treatment will be discussed with the couple.    

Throughout the fertility process, it is essential for the couple to be well-informed about all procedures. 

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