Facial Threads

Facial Threads

Facial Threads

What are threads and who are the best candidates?

Facial threads are fundamentally used in the treatment of facial and cervical sagging, an effect achieved through traction and support and consequent elevation of the tissues.

There are several threads: Russian and Bulgarian, with cones and spikes, opaque and transparent, among others. The main feature of the most current facial threads is the fact that they are reabsorbed by the body, so they are safer and allow for more natural results. Permanent threads are indicated when sagging is more advanced, they are more complex to apply and may need to be removed or replaced after some time.

Facial threads are recommended for people with mild to moderate sagging of the face and/or neck who have realistic expectations. In people with little adipose tissue under the skin and in those where dynamic (expression lines) wrinkles are predominant, the technique must be used with caution.

Men are excellent candidates for placement of threads to improve sagging quickly and non-invasively.

In cases of moderate to severe sagging, the indication, as a rule, is for a surgical facelift.


The technique

The procedure is performed with a small local anesthetic, causing no pain or scarring. The placement of the facial threads is comfortable and does not cause major impediments to normal life.

We are big fans of transparent and fine threads that are not visible or felt when touched inside the skin. With our thread placement technique, the traction of the fibres is less traumatic and there are no visible folds on the skin as the threads act in a bidirectional way, that is, they push the skin in opposite directions.

The procedure is performed in half an hour, under local anesthetic. There are no “cuts or stitches” but tiny holes through which the threads are placed through the skin.


The result

The result is natural, almost immediate, but also progressive, being better after a few weeks as the threads are integrated inside the skin, becoming part of its structure, as if they were a natural net of support.

In this way, the contour of the face improves, the oval of the face is more defined and the skin is more toned, with no changes in facial dynamics or filling or tightening effect. The benefit of the treatment lasts for several months, helping to prevent sagging and contributing to the prevention of aging.

More threads can be added to obtain additional degrees of correction or treat other sagging areas, but they usually do not recur in the same area for more than a year.


Complementary treatments

The placement of threads is perfectly (and desirably!) compatible with other facial and cervical rejuvenation procedures that can even be performed simultaneously, such as facial hyalostructure, injectables, or vitamins.



Facial threads are medical procedures that last for 60 minutes and are performed under local anesthetic. It is a procedure that does not require hospitalization or a period of sick leave.

 Final results are obtained within 1 to 2 months. 

The following restrictions for facial threads should be considered: 

Limited physical activity sun exposure for 48 hours

Average cost of Procedure in Portugal

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