Dental Cosmetics

Dental Cosmetics

Dental Cosmetics

Dental Cosmetics is a multidisciplinary sub-specialty that is based on judgment and perception of what is considered beautiful.

In dental aesthetics, we seek to achieve the aesthetic ideal of each person, being possible to correct from the smallest imperfection to severe alterations.

It is possible through some dental treatments to improve the smile, lip support (reduce wrinkles), change the profile of the face through an increase in dental crowns, increase the volume of the lips, etc. Basically, cosmetics involve everything you can do to increase a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

The most frequent treatments are:

Teeth whitening

Placement of crowns or ceramic veneers

Placement of orthodontic appliances for tooth alignment

Placement of implants 

Periodontal plastic surgery (covering exposed roots, gingival recontouring, etc.)

*All types of dental procedures are available, we only list here some of the more frequent treatments.

Average cost of Procedures in Portugal

  • Teeth whitening150 - 200 €
  • Placement of crowns500 - 600 €
  • Placement of ceramic veneersfrom 4,000
  • Placement of orthodontic appliances for tooth alignment800 – 3,000 €
  • Placement of implantsfrom 400 €
  • Periodontal plastic surgeryUpon request