Got questions about Medical Tourism?

I'm sure you have a lot of questions about Medical Tourism.
Here are the answers to the most common ones. If you have more queries, please message me.

Savings can be from 30-90%, depending upon the procedure and compared to what it would cost in your home country.

The risk is very low due to the highest accreditation of Hospital standards and Health Care Providers.

All our packages are customised to fit the needs, medical requirements and budgets of each client.  Some clients would prefer to manage their reservations for accommodation and tourist attractions themselves, and we have clients who prefer to have an all inclusive package (highly recommended) facilitated by us including the medical procedure as well as accommodation, tourist and restaurant excursions.

We work with a small group of highly trained and certified doctors and dentists.  Because of this we are able to investigate their backgrounds including their education and experience quite extensively.  The Doctors and facilities are vetted and are internationally and EU accredited.

All accommodations are in close proximity to the Health care facilities. 

You will receive managed post-operative patient care during your stay.

Portugal has been ranked the 4th safest country in the world. Portugal is an award winning tourist and expat destination where safety, adventure, discovery, hospitality, gastronomy, history, and sunshine converge to produce a privileged experience for all who visit.

Recovery time varies according to your procedure. You may need to recover a few days in hospital (an estimation of days can be given) and then continue your post-operative care, convalescing in suitable accommodation close to the hospital. We will facilitate your aftercare and accompany you to follow-up consultations. Your treating doctor will authorise when you will be fit to fly and return home. 

To board an international flight you will need a valid passport.

Travel insurance

Please check with your airline carrier to familiarise yourself with their specific requirements for luggage and other details including wearing a face covering.

Visas – Portugal is a party to the Schengen Agreement. As such, for business or tourism you are allowed to stay in the Schengen area for 90 days without a visa within a six-month period. The passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay.

Visas are not required for EU citizens and selected countries. Please visit:

Be sure to carry with you a list of people to contact in case of emergency, and we will ask you to provide that information to us as part of your file.

We understand that things happen and schedules change.  We work with each client to accommodate their individual needs that might require rescheduling a procedure.  For some clients, depending on their specific package requirements, this could be that a cancellation fee will need to be charged for a customised service or event they had us facilitate on their behalf.

For clients who need to completely cancel their procedure we will investigate cancellation charges based on the policies for each Healthcare Provider or facility, along with any other bookings made.

Our facilitation fee services are not refundable for either rescheduling or cancellation of procedures.

We encourage travelling with friends and family!  the Algarve offers many different attractions to keep them busy in a magnificent scenario that combines beach, countryside, and city.  We have lots of activities for your travelling companions to enjoy while you have your procedure and for you to experience once you are medically cleared to participate.

However, if you do travel alone our facilitator services are available to and from your hospital and hotel along with other services to help you with necessary errands.

Many of our healthcare providers are bilingual and many are trilingual.  Several members of the medical staff and hotel staff are fluent in English.  The tours are available in English.  However, your facilitator will be able to assist you if there is any language barrier.

Patient privacy and online safety are of paramount concern to our team.  All our platforms, forms and conversations with each patient are completely secure.  We are in total compliance with all EU GDPR regulations.  We do not share any information or records without the consent and authorization from every client. All medical records are securely transferred and stored.

After your procedure in Algarve, before you return home, you will review your records and next steps in monitoring your local recovery with your doctor and medical facilitator.  When you return home if you need, or would prefer, to visit your personal doctor for additional follow up you will have all your records available to them.  Our team will also follow up with you after you leave Algarve.

The first step is to contact us with your information from our brief contact form.  Once we receive your information our facilitator will contact you to review and begin the process with you.