Benefits of Pre and Post operative Juice Cleanses

Juice fasting for healing and recovery from surgery

At TLC Medical Tourism, we take great pride in helping our clients have the most revitalising recovery possible. Whether you will be recovering from cosmetic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, or any other type of procedure, our aftercare services provide you with the best post-operative care possible. 

Not only do we include these cleanse and relaxation services to help facilitate healing after surgery, but did you know that we can also help clients before they undergo surgery as well? 

We’re proud to offer our clients nutritious pre-and post-surgery juice cleanses and relaxation, as well as after-surgery cleanses to help make every aspect of the surgical process easier and more comfortable.

Research has proven that a juice cleanse is a nutritional method for promoting body-nourishing nutrition and faster healing. In recent years, juice cleansing has exploded in popularity with detox and retreats available around the world. There is a good reason for that: juice can help with metabolism and digestion, two elements that are very important in any after-surgery diet. Also, they are a great source of nutrition.

Freshly-juiced fruits and vegetables contain multitudes of healthy compounds and vitamins, important substances for post-surgical healing. If included in a before and after-surgery diet, juice can help detoxify the body, improving surgical outcomes, and helping patients feel better in the process.

At TLC Medical Tourism, we have partnered up with Longevity to make cleanses simple and delicious. Contact us about creating a package to include your pre and post-operative cleanse and relaxation.

Pre-Surgery Juice Cleanse

When you undergo surgery, you are putting your body under a significant amount of stress. Eating poorly before surgery can worsen inflammation, decrease collagen systems (needed for scar and skin formation), slow down your body’s immune activity, and decrease connective tissue strength. Nutrient-rich, pre-surgery Juice Cleanses will help your body fight off inflammation, improve your immune activity, and increase the strength of your connective tissues

After Surgery Cleanse and Diet Recommendations

In addition to Pre-Surgery Cleanses, we have an After Surgery Diet & Cleanse offering with organic Juice and meals designed specifically to give your body the nutrients it needs while recovering from surgery. 

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At TLC Medical Tourism your health is our top priority. Our clients can expect to be pampered and well-taken care of. Enjoy your wellness package while recovering after surgery in beautiful private rooms. You can also take advantage of the many luxury amenities provided. To pre-order your surgery diet and juice cleanse package for your stay at gorgeous facilities in Algarve, please contact us today!